Technology Portfolio

Value Added Proposition

Pandemic Pain from Inaction

  • The Current pandemic has already cost more than 900 Australian lives and close to 100 million Cases worldwide.
  • Corporate leaders have an obligation to minimise the spread of the virus for their customers and staff by using the most effective technology available as a community service. We are also proud that this also gives a competitive advantage.
  • The possibility of litigation arising from non-compliance to OH&S regulation & Common law implications may be enforced.

Cost Benefit Analysis

  • There is sound business proposition that the customer perception of next level sanitisation measures will bring confidence back among returning and new customers resulting in increase in the customer numbers.
  • Similarly, it can be argued that due to sprayings cabins in staff rooms where staff can voluntarily disinfect themselves may have positive impact on the morale of staff thus increasing productivity.
  • The cost of rental package will be fraction of the revenue generated from the increase in customer traffic volume..