The Heros

Our Executive Team

Professor Carl Munoz Ferrada

Professor Munoz-Ferrada is recognized globally for his R&D work related to new technologies and its application in medicine, science and national security. Professor Munoz-Ferrada is the largest shareholder of the Gammasonics group which he founded. He has dedicated his time and knowledge to make Gammasonics the largest and most successful R&D manufacturing group in the field of medicine and science in the Southern Hemisphere

Dr Syed Shah

Dr Syed Shah, has gained over 30 years of experience in public health industry. He obtained a Diploma in Tropical Medicine from the Commonwealth Institute of Health, Sydney University. He also acquired a Master’s in health planning from the University of New South Wales School of Health Administration. Dr Shah has served the Department of Community Medicine RPAH and subsequently worked with the NSW Department of Health in Health Education and Community Health. Dr Shah is passionate to be part of the solution for diseases and virus prevention.

Dr Neal Hamilton (Medical Director)

Dr Neal Hamilton was the founder and previous owner of the Concept Cosmetic Medicine group of practices. He has lectured both students and peers within the cosmetic surgical industry extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taiwan, London, Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles for the Past 30 years. Dr Neal is dedicated to minimize the risk of all viruses with latest technological innovations.