Our products and service offerings are very versatile and are based on individual business needs

Hence to cater to a certain type of business we are also offering the option to just rent or lease eliminating the need to outlay any up-front capital cost.

In these times of crisis where businesses continue to have a strict cash flow, we believe this to be an ideal option for our stakeholders. The lease to own or just rent will include regular supply of organic chemicals, service of the equipment, installation and training of your staff.

Our products come with warranty included in the purchase agreement and we have a savvy staff that can fine tune our product to your business needs and day to day demands.

Our approach towards your company will be to provide a ‘Equipment Combo Package’ which will comprise of the following:

  • Temperature checking devices/ Hand sanitisation station
  • Masks
  • Room fumigator device
  • Sanitisation staff cabins