Next Level Sanitisation

Solution for you Business

  • Social distancing, Masks and hand sanitisation all have limitations. Studies have shown that the virus can remain active on many surfaces including fabrics, woods, handles and in-air.
  • We at Bio Safety Services have introduced safe and effective ways to sanitise clothing, surfaces and the environment.
  • In a Nutshell our Next level sanitisation technology uses a disinfecting liquid which kills viruses and germs (Chlorine based) by converting this liquid into a dry mist through a uniquely designed sonic box which delivers this mist to premises via an automated spraying bollard which also includes temperature check installed at the entrances of various establishments
  • We also supply Air-Conditioned Filters Disinfecting Towers on Wheels and Room deep Cleaning devises and sanitisation cabins for staff rooms.

Our Service Packages

  • Supply of Spraying Bollards with Temperature Check at the Main Entrance
  • Supply of Spraying Bollards (without Temp Checks) for restaurants, halls and food outlets
  • Supply of on wheel Single Air Con Filter Disinfecting Tower
  • Supply of shared mobile deep cleansing device
  • Supply of Sanitisation cabins with staff rooms

Our Services

  • Refill Spraying Bollards on daily basis
  • Refill, Wheel & Disinfectant Air Con Filters on weekly basis (floor by floor basis, one floor per visit so for 3-4 times weekly visits)
  • Refill, Start and disinfect entire building with shared mobile cleansing Devise on fortnightly basis
  • Refill staff santisation Cabins on weekly basis