Bio Safety Service

The novel Coronavirus or in other words COVID-19 is something the world should have been well prepared for if we go by the word of one of the world’s richest men ‘Bill Gates’. He even gave a Ted Talk around this same issue all the way back in April 2015 called the

‘The next outbreak? We’re not ready Bill Gates’.

The whole world changed on 31st December 2019 when the WHO China Country Office was informed that the Chinese authorities have identified a new type of Coronavirus (novel Coronavirus, nCOV). While the whole world was busy celebrating the coming of the new year 2020, the prediction made by the world’s richest man in 2015 came true. The world wasn’t prepared for the virus and not enough public or private funds were being spent on preventative measures to try and stop future pandemics.

Australia has seen its fair share of deaths, but with strict social distancing measures has managed to slow the spread and flatten the curve. We cannot stay in lockdowns forever though and when things reopen, new innovative measures and tools will be required to slow the spread and protect the most vulnerable amongst us. Some sectors like the hospitality and retail industry have already shown their total commitment to contactless payment.

We as a business were formed amid this crisis by a team of MDs and creative entrepreneurs with a combined experience of more than 25 years. The aim of our business is to help individuals, community and other businesses reduce their exposure towards the Coronavirus and other potential future viruses. We deliver this by designing and providing industry leading tools to cater to the most vulnerable industries such as hospitals, nursing homes and others.

We exist as a company to stop the spread of diseases by timely technological intervention and innovation. Our team currently has a number of advanced solutions which are not only industry leading but have proven effective in the fight against the spread of diseases.